At MRSC you’ll find exceptional ice programs for instruction, practice, enjoyment and development in all aspects of ice skating. The Maple Ridge Skating Club celebrates over 40 years of skating!  Our focus is on FUN, participation and skill development.
Maple Ridge Skating Club
McKenna Kwast

McKenna began skating when she was 5 years old at the Maple Ridge Skating Club. She started in our CanSkate program and continued her skating career through StarSkate. She competed in Synchro for 4 years, and has also completed her Gold Skills, Gold Artistic, Silver Dance, and Silver FreeSkate. She eventually took the next step, by becoming a coach at the age of 18.

Since McKenna joined our club as a CanSkate coach she has now furthered her coaching experience and is a Regional Level 1 Trained coach. McKenna attended school and is also a certified Early Childhood Educator Assistant.

McKenna considers the club like a second home. She has a natural love for kids. She loves to connect with the skaters on and off the ice, help them achieve their goals and of course have fun!
McKenna’s goal is to push the skaters to be the best they can be.



Maple Ridge Skating Club
Breeann Derrick

Breeann began skating with the Maple Ridge Skating Club at the age of 9, she competed and progressed through many levels until she made the decision to finish her skating career at the age of 19 to pursue further into post secondary. Breeann is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Criminology with a minor in Legal Studies. She has also completed schooling and is a certified Early Childhood Educator Assistant.

During her skating career Breeann completed her Gold Freeskate elements, Silver Dances and Silver Skills. She decided to begin coaching our club at the age of 16 in our Canskate program, since then she has upgraded her coaching experience and is a Regional Level 1 Trained Coach.

She loves to get to know the kids and make them feel comfortable and confident on and off the ice. Breeann has a positive attitude and pushes our skaters to improve, work hard, and set goals. Breeann believes skating should be a great way to keep active but it should also be a place for skaters to have fun, make memories and friendships that can last for life and that is what she plans to bring to the club every time she steps on the ice.