Set to standards, these classes will incorporate all areas of a skater’s development on the ice. Content will include variations of the following: Creative Edge Class, Basic Skating & Stroking, Jump & Spin Enhancement and Performance Skills.  All classes will offer both technical as well as practical application of various exercises that will enhance the development of each of the above areas. Development/Group Classes are taught in a group environment providing an hour of coaching tuition within the class. Not only do these classes provide enhanced coaching time, but the group environment also provides a highly motivational approach to lessons.

Development is set in short term increments on a seasonal basis that are individualistic to the skaters goals and desires.

Teamwork between Coach, Skater and Parent are at the crux of success through this development principle.

Athletes will be given an individual solo for their own practice in the early stages of Bronze level training.  This solo will be an essential to each young skater in their independent practice and acquisition of new skills.  When prepared, the skater will begin to perform this solo for the audience and evaluators.

At the core of this environment, hard work, respect and passion for skating are the driving motivators for all involved.

Session Requirements

  1. Bronze session requirements: Loop jump, Forward Upright spin, Sit spin, Forwards inside & outside 3-Turns, C-Steps (Mowhawk).
  2. Silver session requirements: Single Lutz, Single Axel, Camel/Sit combination spin, Backspin, Backwards inside & outside 3-Turns
  3. Gold requirements: Double Salchow, Double Toe-loop, Double Loop, Flying Camel, Difficult spin variations, Passed Star 5 Skills assessment.
  4. Diamond: 5 consistent doubles, 3 different double/double combinations, level 4 spins, Passed Star 8 Skills assessment
  5. Top Flight: Consistent Double Axle and/or triple jumps. Passed Gold Skills Assessment.

Commitment Types

  1. 1-2 days a week = Recreational level, leisurely progress, non-competitive.
  2. 3 days a week & 1 Off-Ice Training = Learn to train level, Consistent progress, attending minimum 2 competitions a year.
  3. 4+ days a week & 1+ Off-Ice training = Train to Compete level, consistent/quick progress, attending 4+ competition a year.

Program Attire Requirements

  • Girls can wear a skating dress or skirt and/or tight leggings and a tight athletic zip up jacket. Boys must wear athletic or skating pants and athletic zip up jacket.
  • Hair must tied back in a tight bun or pony tail.
  • Gloves are optional but recommended.

Attire that will not be accepted: sweatpants, hoodies, hats, jeans.
If you skater is not wearing appropriate attire they will be asked to remove it (e.g Hoodie).  

These attire options are set in place for safety and for training purposes.