1. Purchasing Skates:  We recommend you speak to your coach before purchasing your skates to ensure you have all the necessary information before visiting a recommended retailer.
  2. Proper Fit of Skates:  Skates should  fit snugly and you should avoid trying to buy skates in a size the skater will grow into.  When trying on skates, it is important to check the following things:
    • Skates should not bend or crease at the ankle when a skater bends their knees and ankles.  If the skates do this, they are not strong enough for the skater.
    • When a skater ties up their skates halfway and bends their knees and ankles, they should still be able to wiggle their toes and fit a pencil down the back of their ankle.
    • Skates should fit snugly and may feel stiff or uncomfortable but should not be extremely painful.
  3. Lacing Skates:  Skates should be laced loosely over the toe and front of the boot, but snugly over the ankles.  Be sure the tongue is centred and pulled all the way up.  Laces should be hooked securely with sufficient tension to permit one finger down at the back of the boot.  Laces should be long enough to go through all eyelets and be tied in a double bow. Never wrap laces around the top of the boot!