Skating instruction format varies between different programs offered by the MRSC.

Group Lessons

Participants in our Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate programs are taught in the group class setting during warm-up and cool down parts of the session and in small group settings during practice time of the session; cost of instruction is incorporated into the cost of the program and paid upfront at the registration.

Similarly, participants in our Junior Academy (STAR 1) programs, are taught in a combination of a group class and small group formats with the cost of instruction being incorporated into the cost of the program and paid upfront at the registration.


Private/semi-private lessons

Once the Junior Academy (STAR 1) level has been completed, skaters who are interested in working towards participating in figure skating competitions and/or moving up Skate Canada’s STAR Skate Program levels can do so by enrolling in private or semi-private lessons with our Club coaches.

Private or semi-private lessons are billed by the coaches to the parents directly. The instruction rates vary depending on our coaches’ certification levels within National Coaching Certification Program and professional experience. The length of private and semi-private lessons is negotiated between the parents and coaches; however, it also depends on coaches’ availability and should be approved by the Head Coach.
It is a common practice to have at least 15 minute long private/semi-private lesson.

Private and semi-private lessons are taught in Freeskate (FS), Artistic (Star 5 and up), Dance, and Skating Skills categories.
Although it is highly recommended to focus on all three categories, as it allows for a well-rounded development of skating skills, it is up to the participants to decide which category(ies) to take lessons in.

All the questions regarding private and semi-private instruction can be directed to our Head Coach.