Off Ice Training has become a crucial part of skating development.

Stretch Class
(Bronze – Gold) Nevena, our current club ballet instructor, will work with the skaters each week in order to strengthen their resistance and flexibility while maintaining safe and controlled postures. Each week will build upon the next, with the goal of having the skaters move beautifully while developing the flexibility in the shoulders, back and hips necessary for figure skating positions.

(Bronze – Gold) The most essential of all our off ice classes offered, Nevena will continue her theme of stretch and poise through her classical training of ballet. Any skater hoping to stay injury free and perform beautifully on the ice needs to set their foundation of ballet training at a very young age.

Dry Land Jumping
(Bronze – Gold) A mixture of rotational exercises, positioning work and skating specific movement patterns.  Dryland Jumping is a key off ice class for any skater in order to be technically efficient on the ice.

Strength and Conditioning (Yoga)
(Silver – Gold) The purpose of this class is to develop and maintain the core strength, balance and mindfulness necessary for peak performance skating. Healthy core strength development and yoga specific exercises allow our athletes to train the high technical demands while keeping injury to a minimum.