How do we choose a coach?

Choosing a coach is an important decision as you want to choose someone who will work well with your skater and you as a family, to ensure a successful skating lesson.
Remember, in the STARSkate program you will be paying for your ice time plus your coaching time.

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Steps to take when choosing a coach:

  • Read through all the coaches’ bios on our website to get a feel for the coaches backgrounds and training.
  • Come out and watch a session to see the coaches interacting with their skaters to determine what style you think would best suit you and your skater.
  • Meet with the coaches you are considering, to get a better feel for their philosophy, what disciplines they teach and to get a feeling for the services they provide to their students.
  • Once you have done the research and feel confident you know which coach you wish to work with, you can arrange lessons directly with that coach for the upcoming season.

How to choose a session:

  • Both private and semi-private lessons are available on MRSC’s STARSkate sessions.
    Note: some of MRSC’s sessions also include provided group lessons (i.e. Development)
  • Private lessons are booked directly with a certified coach.
  • Private lessons fees are NOT included in the registration fees, but are instead invoiced directly to parents by their coach (either by-weekly or monthly, depending on the coach’s invoicing policies).

Steps to take when choosing a session:

  • Have a discussion with your child’s coach to determine their availability and their recommendations for your skater’s level and training required to reach their goals for the season.
  • Choose sessions that start at a time that is convenient for you and your skater to ensure that you will be able to arrive on time for each week.

How do I know what the charges will be for my skater’s lessons?

Most of the coaches have a standard letter that they give to their students that outline their fees for lessons, music & choreography, competition and test expenses.  All the coaches can outline this information for you when you book their initial lessons.

What if I’m unable to attend my scheduled lesson?

Most coaches require 24 hours notice to cancel lessons and failure to do so, may result in a lesson charge.
Please check with your coach to confirm their policy to ensure you are not charged for missed lessons.