The Junior Academy Program is intended as an introduction to competitive figure skating and synchronized skating.
The program is the next stage of development for skaters 4 to 8 years old who demonstrate enhanced ability and potential to pursue competitive skating.

Throughout the skater’s time in Junior Academy, they learn the basic steps towards the 5 subjects: jumps, spins, stroking, field movements and musicality.
The skaters are also being groomed for private lesson readiness by learning important personal skills such as discipline and how to push themselves to learn and improve.  Team coaching, jump technique, spins, off-ice, theater on ice, games and prizes are all part of the Program.  It combines a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere to learn the basic skills of figure skating at a young age.

Skaters wishing to join the Junior Academy Program, must demonstrate competent skill level for their age, and must be assessed by a club coach.  Skaters will also be talent-identified and selected from the CanSkate program.

Skaters are encouraged to supplement this program with private lessons.

Program Requirements: Figure Skates; Figure Skating attire (dress & tights for girls / athletic pants for boys); Gloves or mittens; Helmets may still be required; No Jeans; No scarves.

Skaters must skate three days a week to participate in Junior Academy. This includes Saturdays’ Synchro practices and attending several local Synchronized Skating competitions.

Participation within the program is by invitation only, with auditions and assessments conducted in the Spring and Fall. Skaters previously registered in Jr. Academy and those skaters auditioned in the Fall will be given priority towards registration.

Please note: 
All Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children while at the arena. Do not leave your children unattended. The Club is not responsible to provide child supervision.