Decide if you want your skater to skate by the day, by the week, or by the entire summer session.  If you’re taking summer holidays , or your child has other commitments, you’ll be able to create a schedule that works for you. Please note, that if you register for a package and then decide to take holidays after you register, we will not be able to issue a refund or ice credit. You have six options for summer registration. The attached sheet has the pricing for all the options.

Register by Individual Day
Each day of the Summer Season is listed in Coast individually so you can register for any specific days you would like.

Register by Day of the Week for All 4 Weeks
If there’s a certain day your skater can skate every week of the entire summer session (or if there are a few days of the week but not all), you’ll want to register them by day of the week for all 4 weeks. For example, you could register them to skate Wednesdays and Thursdays all 4 weeks.

Register by Week
If you aren’t around all summer or your skater has other commitments, register them by the week. This would be Mon though Thurs. Each week is listed separately. Please note that due to the holiday on Monday August 6th, there will be a session on Friday that week (Friday Aug 10th) to make up for it.

Extra Ice Time for Senior Skaters
If your senior skater wishes to get a bit more time on the ice, you can add the 10am-11am freeskate. These are packaged under “Senior Session with Additional 10-11am Freeskate Add On”. You can do them on specific days, every day for a specific week, or on a specific day for all 4 weeks.

Register by Package
Registering by package gives you the best deal price wise. It’s also the easiest way to register. There are Junior and Senior packages available at a 10% discount. Packages are for the entire summer session. There is also an option for Senior skaters to do a Senior Full Package with the 10am-11:00am Freeskate add on (also at a 10% discount).

Buy Ons
All Buy Ons done at the rink will be priced slightly higher than online registration. Both Junior and Senior Sessions are priced at $35 per day.

If you are having trouble or need help figuring out how and what to register for, please contact Tawnie at:


Summer 2018 Prices

2018-04-03 – Summer Schedule


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