Genevieve Scholl
Fiona Still
Irena Janicijevic
Brooklyn Peryk
Sky Pickering
Emily Taylor
Tasha Seminoff
Miranda Kahlert
Laiken Richardson
Tyla Foster
Solana Bucknell
Mahleah Gaertner
Kate Boyes
Maaya Patel
Adrianna Mckenzie


Sky Pickering
Tasha Seminoff
Miranda Kahlert
Charlotte Lackey
Ella Illerbrun
Nhu-y Ha
Emily Rico
Kate Neiva
Shaana Patel
Carolynne McKanna
Sara Reyes
Leia Oleksyn
Jayda Sulina
Evangeline Lin
Annabelle Pacheco
Abigail Denroche


Hannah Neiva
Charlotte York
Chanelle Martin
Clara Blatt
Klara Belsey
Emily Rico
Abigail Denroche
Talia Tutush
Heidi Leuzinger
Lisa O’Reilly
Ava Sanderson
Briahna Kern
Nina Chen
Makaylah Stefanucci
Jasmine York
Emma Pabuaya
Chloe Votkin


Note: The team selections were VERY well thought out. I took a lot of time to review these to ensure our teams are compatible with the rules, have a distribution of leaders and new skaters, and give everyone an opportunity for growth. Congratulations to everyone!! I am thrilled with everyone’s progress and thank everyone for their commitment to our amazing Club!
If you are a leader on a team and were wishing for the higher level, this is an important opportunity to improve your leadership and teamwork skills – a long term benefit! If you are upset with your placement please do not contact me for one week. Take some time to think it over. After this time, feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns. Thank you!!

See our website calendar for updated information on our first practices in September and upcoming competitions/events.