The team selections were VERY well thought out. I took a lot of time to review these to ensure our teams are compatible with the rules, have a distribution of leaders and new skaters, and give everyone an opportunity for growth. Additionally, it entails recruitment and outreach to many families, hence having a delay in producing the final list. Note that the beginner list is the current confirmed skaters. We will have more added to the list when registration occurs in September.

Congratulations to everyone!! I am thrilled with everyone’s progress and thank everyone for their commitment to our amazing Club!

If you are a leader on a team and were wishing for the higher level, this is an important opportunity to improve your leadership and teamwork skills – a long term benefit! If you are upset with your placement please do not contact me for one week. Take some time to think it over. After this time, feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns.

You will receive emails from me with team meeting dates and first practices closer to September. I encourage everyone to skate in our summer program as much as possible to ensure you are prepared for the season! Congrats again! GO Ice Symmetrix!!


Kaylee C.Chloe V.Charlotte L.Sky P.
Bella P.Talia T.Ella I. Emily T.
LeilaHeidi L.Molly Z.Brooklyn P.
Sofia D.R.Briahna K.Emily R.Tasha S.
Sadie S.Makaylah S.Carolynne M.Kate B.
Olidia H.Jasmine Y.Sara R.Miranda K.
Miya Y.Kaylee K. Charlotte Y. Laiken R.
Emily L. Dana K. Leia O.Solana B.
Emma C.Brooklyn N.Hannah N.Maaya P.
Mya B.Holly L.Annabelle P.Charlotte L.
Saga L.Alina G. Abigail D.Evangeline L.
Jasmine B.Kayleigh C. Lisa O.
Sofia Dom.Nevaeh L.Chanelle M.
MaritoniSophie G.Clara B.
Makaylah S.