Here are your instructional videos on how to do your skaters hair for synchro events. All skaters will need to arrive to the arena with their hair done looking like these videos with a part on the left hand side (just like the video). Most of the girls do not need donuts in their hair so you can skip over this part. That is only if their hair is short or very thin. We would like natural looking buns, not over sized.

Please practice in advance and do not rely on your Manager to do your hair! They will be busy coordinating makeup, scheduling, and answering questions so please do not add hair to their list of duties! You will all get to sleep in more if each person does their own hair!
You can use bobby pins in the bun, however no pins or clip are used for the ponytail to secure back bangs or fly aways. Those are secured with hair spray or gel.


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By jrico / Administrator on Oct 13, 2017